About us

Curvallin is a contemporary women’s Ready to Wear brand founded in 2021 by Reham Al Bezreh.

Curvallin offers a harmony between everyday clothes and couture details by creating unique forms and silhouettes blended with rich colors.

Each piece is made with couture-like craftsmanship designed for every confident and empowered woman with goals: A woman with infinite determination and indomitable will, wearing her personality out and defining herself by her edgy yet feminine silhouette.

Why us

Curvallin presents a luxury lifestyle brand created to inspire women by offering them a chance to be dressed up for any occasion with uniquely designed clothes in limited quantities.

Each piece is delicately tailored and flawlessly crafted with exquisite fabrics and styled to perfection.

Influenced by modern women, the feminine outfits are designed with the purpose of reflecting the nature’s existence, not only by the look but by what is deeply desired.

Harmonized with the spirit of the collection, the dynamic and genuine color palette offers a distinct sense of elegance that will last through more than a season.